Sananga has traditionally been used by many Amazonian tribes. It is considered sacred (like all plant medicines) and is used for both physical and mental ailments.


What is it?

Sananga eye drops are made from the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub of South America. The bark of the root of this shrub is first ground into a fine powder that is sieved several times and finally pressed into a juice.


Traditionally, Sananga is used for hunting as it enhances long-range vision. Basically, Sananga increases the ability to see and perceive and increases your chances of achieving your goals. Often, Sananga is combined with other hunting aids, such as Kambo, which further improve hunting skills.


The medicinal effect of Sananga can support:


  • Improves day and night vision

  • Clearer, calmer mind

  • Deep meditations

  • Strengthens the intuition

  • Improves lucid dreaming

  • Supports psychic abilities

  • Stimulates stagnant energies

  • To improve eyesight

  • To improve intuition

  • To calm a busy mind

  • Before the meditation

  • Before activities that require concentration

  • Prior to activities that require detailed focus

  • Prior to sleep for deeper and clearer dreams


Administration of Sananga

Sananga is administered in both eyes, one drop in each corner of the eye.


Contraindications to the use of Sananga are eye diseases such as detachable retina, cataracts and other eye diseases. Wearing glasses is not a problem, lenses must be taken off first and can then be put back on after about an hour after administering the Sananga.





Rapé is a medicine that has been used by indigenous Amazonian tribes for thousands of years. Rapé, pronounced “Ha-pee”, is a mix of crushed plants. A powder made from dried, ground Mapacho (pure tobacco from the jungle) and various other healing plants (root, bark, leaves, seeds and ash).


The purpose of using Rapé is to connect you deeply with the spirits of nature and to invoke these powers for physical and spiritual healing.

Rapé offers support in opening and cleaning the chakras and provides a feeling of grounding and connection with the earth. It is used to cleanse blocked energies on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Rapé can help open the third eye and descale the pineal gland, it helps to release negative thoughts and tension, brings peace and mental clarity and is a heart opener.


The rapé is blown into both nostrils through a special pipe (tepi). It can cause a stinging sensation in your mucous membranes and your forehead cavity. What you take in through your nose you then spit out into a bucket. So you don't swallow it.
While using rapé you can experience a state of heightened awareness, altered perception and light trance. Yet you stay completely 'with'. After about 30-45 minutes you will notice that the effect decreases.