Process Conversation


An extensive and in-depth conversation to go more in-depth and investigate where you are now or what you need in your growing, grieving or processing process. Before you decide whether you want to take a trip with Plantmedicine, do a Kambo session or perhaps an integrative massage, it can be nice to first thoroughly investigate what you actually need. During a conversation, exactly what comes up that wants to be seen, recognized and healed and it becomes clear where and how you can work on that. Even after an Aya trip or Kambo session, you may feel the need to get some more support with the insights you have gained. 

That is why, apart from the extensive intake and follow-up conversations that belong to a booked session, I now also offer the opportunity to take the time for what you need in the form of separately booked conversations. Optionally supported by the powerful Leela game with consciousness or healing cards. We can do this in a face to face conversation at my or your home or via videophone app.  


Integrative bodywork


By means of intuitive massage, loving skin touches with support where necessary in the form of music, tuning forks, drums or singing bowls.  


A loving touch literally and figuratively makes you feel better in your own skin. You will feel more relaxed, safe and loved and that can provide support in, for example, sadness or fear. 

Some parts of our body are connected to stored trauma, our pain body, by making contact with it, blockages can be softened and/or open and can be released. 

With different frequencies or sound vibrations, energy channels and chakras can flow better again.

Through different forms of release (breathing, crying, shaking, etc) trauma and tension can be released.  



With what intentions do I give touches during this bodywork:

  • Connectedness:
    To remember and feel that we are all connected with each other and with an infinite love energy.

  • Safety and security:
    Touch through which you can experience safety and security when you feel fear or insecurity.

  • Compassion:
    Sincere caress or touch when you feel and connect with emotions.

  • Empathy:
    Helpful, friendly and supportive touch.


What energy is not in my touches:

  • Sensual or sexual touch​​