Welcome to the website of AyaKambo

My name is Esther, I was born in 1967 in Amsterdam. I am the mother of two beautiful, sweet sons who are now adults. I am not a therapist or a shaman. However, over the years I have gone through the necessary processes myself and I think that I have learned a very valuable lesson from that. While working on myself I came into contact with Iboga, Ayahuasca, teacher mushrooms, San Pedro, Bufo and Kambo. These plant and natural medicines with their helping spirits have taught and given me a lot. Relief in old traumas and life-changing insights. Awareness to myself, nature and the people around me. It has brought me to trust and love and everything flows so much more.

My love for Ayahuasca and Kambo originated there. I was so enthusiastic about the power of these natural medicines and immediately felt so connected to them that I started doing various training courses. A year training facilitator Ayahuasca and process work, working with tuning forks on chakras and meridians, shamanic drumming and the intensive Kambo IAKP training. For me it is important to work from my heart and intuition, but with sound (theoretical) knowledge as a basis.

With much love and gratitude I now follow my path to guide other people on their way to becoming more whole. To more trust and love for yourself and everything around you.