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  • Hello and a wonderful good day to the world out there. So you want to know what it's like when Esther takes care of you. Well then let me tell you that you will make a wonderful journey, to you and within yourself. First of all, a happy and shining person awaits you to receive you. After just a few sentences you will realize how warm-hearted this woman is and if you can allow it, you will feel warmth, security and an aura full of radiant positive energy that will captivate you in a way you have never experienced before. Whatever you want to decide, how you want to continue your journey or your path, she will take you by the hand and explain to you exactly what the process is like and what options you have to go your way. This can be with or without tools. I had decided not to use any tools for now because I didn't know if I was ready for my next step into myself. And what can I say, I was so ready that was absolutely incredible for myself. This woman managed to lure my deepest fears and worries out of me in just a few sentences. I can't explain to you in words how liberating the emotional outbursts were, and even today I am accompanied by the advice and questions that trigger me in a targeted manner and lure out my fears that have not yet been processed. 
    I can still remember the profound look with which this woman looked into the depths of my abysses. And sent me an impulse to the edge of my soul. I've learned to go for it, let it, and let it out. Loving myself, feeling myself, just being me. 'Cause I'm perfect the way I am And it's totally okay.
    I thank the universe every day for being able to experience this. And my innermost just feels GRATITUDE and LOVE. Namaste to everyone out there. The world is changing. A new age begins. You just have to let it go. And you too will recognize the signs that surround you every minute, hour and every moment. Open eyes. Take care.

  • I already knew Aya from a few years ago at another organization. But Kambo was still new to me. And to be honest, I did not intend to get acquainted with this anytime soon. It seemed so intense to me. On the scale of scary with a grade of 10, I found Kambo to be a fat 9+.However, my emotional life subject came out so strong and undeniable and now really needs loving attention and healing. Now was the time to do something with this. I was so done with it and it started to hurt me physically too and it was so available 24/7 that I was ready to get serious about it. Kambo seemed to me to be the medicine par excellence. Facing my Fears in full force, knowing it's loving medicine.I knew that Esther gave these ceremonies with a lot of knowledge and inspiration, as I have known her for a few years. If I could trust someone who knows exactly what she is doing, then I have come to the right place. And what a truth that has turned out! I am now 3 sessions further (1 per week). Each session was completely different. We did the first in very small steps and built it up and the last was a blast. What a powerful, pure and beautiful medicine. I am so grateful to the frog.I am also grateful to Esther. She knows exactly how to ask you the right questions, to sense what you need or what you find exciting. She knows how to create a safe and powerful space and create a loving atmosphere in her cozy house where you are completely welcome. In this I dared to show myself completely and to let go, I really surrendered to that which presented itself.What exactly has been healed and happened may sink even further, but that I am more in my own strength and have better insight into my life subject is already clear to me. From here I can continue in confidence. These weeks have awakened and blossomed me. My blood feels lighter, more pure and my heart is more open. And I have seen what I am capable of, from my own strength, despite my fear. I definitely made the right choice by entering into this process with and with Esther.Esther and the frog, a place in my heart. Love, Jiske


  • Last summer I was allowed to make a Kambo trip with Esther. Esther knows how to create a nice, safe space, where I have been able to experience the journey in its full energy. This was not my first kambo trip, but it was by far the most enjoyable. The medicine is not overly pleasant to experience, but the warm and loving environment made that I dared to fully surrender to it. The frog gave me great insights during the trip (and also afterwards). After that there was enough space to integrate it and to return to myself. Esther is a very nice guide. With her warm heart and expert guidance, she offers an ideal place to experience this medicine in its full strength. I will definitely come back to Esther for a new boost of Kambo energy! Ah!


  • How my life changed in 90 hours, aka Dora meeting Esther, Kambo and Aya. I will start with a short note how I came across Esther. I was struggling with depression for more than a year and in the last 4 months I was in a state of complete collapse. I was not able to sleep, crying several times a day, I have quit my job (because it was too much to handle), I was fighting constantly with my 12-year old daughter, I was thinking of splitting with my husband, I was having uncontrollable rage bursts ... read more


  • My encounter with the plantmedicin Aya was genuine and profound. I got insights and advice that, not only were logical, but resonated extremely well with my entire body and being. It was like having a one year of psychological counseling / therapy targeting one's pain points and combined with a strong reinforcement mechanism. I got comfort with respect to long forgotten childhood traumas, compassion towards my loved ones, advice on how to embark on a path of happiness and satisfaction with life and career. I was left humbled, grateful and full of peace and joy. I can't recall feeling like this in a very long time (if ever).
    Despite the power of mother Aya, this experience would not have been possible without Esther. Words come short describing the ambiance that she creates, the support and care she provides. From the moment she greeted me (with a hug) to the last minutes of my stay, I felt taken care of by a true healer. She not only knows "her herbs", but is a natural born psychologist who guides you gently but firmly to the core of your problems. In retrospect, I feel blessed for meeting her and being touched by Aya under her care.


  • For me, the plant medicine Aya has opened a hatch between my body and head. I can relax much better and understand better what my body has to tell me. For me, Kambo and Aya is a golden combination. The Kambo cleans up, so that you can sink a layer deeper into your body with Aya. I used these medicines under the guidance of Esther. She is a powerful earthly woman who helps you to sharpen your thoughts and intentions. In addition to relevant but valuable questions, it offers a very warm and safe place where you can be yourself completely.


  • I am forever grateful to Esther. She is such a sweet strong smart woman. I didn't want to do my 3x Kambo session and then the Aya trip with anyone else. Besides that she guides you very well during the ceremonies, she also gives wise life lessons for which I am very grateful to her. You feel safe with her. I am happy that I was able to do kambo and aya at her house. I have benefited enormously and will never forget it. I look back on it with a good feeling. At the aya ceremony she was also very well taken care of in terms of food. And very beautiful music was played during the ceremonies, which was very nice. Esther understands it and is highly recommended if you want to do kambo or aya!


  • After more than 15 years I made another Aya trip professionally guided by Esther and lovingly assisted by Moniek.
    The setting suited me exactly, I was received in Esther's atmospheric home. What a beautiful, gentle, powerful and loving woman. I felt safe, professionally guided and was able to make exactly the trip I needed. Cleared away many questions, trauma and sadness from the past and made me feel a more powerful person. My thanks are great!


  • This was the best Kambo experience hands down so far in my life. Esther is very caring, intuitive and beautiful person all around. I felt very safe, loved and her caring nature made this a wonderful journey. I will return and highly recommend her as a trusted provider and healer. Thank you Esther and till soon again.


  • Doing Kambo with Esther was a really amazing, beautiful experience. Esther takes care of every detail to make sure we have the safest, easiest and most healing journey possible. I was extremely grateful by the end of my first session. Thank you Viva Kambo!


  • Esther is a sacred spaceholder with all her being. Never before have I felt so free and cared for during a ceremony. Esther is honest, open and clear; Experiencing Kambo under her wing is a gift that I wish everyone. From the bottom of my heart Esther.


  • My first kambo session was certainly a big step and a bit exciting. It was very intense but it has given me so much. Physically I felt that I had few limitations, but I still notice a difference in flexibility and recovery after exercise.
    Mentally my reaction was all the greater: I became aware of patterns that hinder a happy life. Unprocessed pain made visible again. It has given me opportunities to grow.
    I definitely recommend this to Esther. A very sweet but direct and strong woman who knows what she is doing.