A transforming inner journey with Ayahuasca*, also called loving mother Aya, because of her motherly approach. A hallucinogenic tea from the Amazon region that puts you in a different state of consciousness.

The tea consists of substances from two plants. The entheogenic plant that contains DMT, a substance produced by the body that increases the production of the happiness hormone seratonin in the brain. Because the body produces DMT itself, it breaks down the excess substance that enters the body in other ways. Another component of the tea is therefore the MAO inhibitor, which ensures that the enzyme that breaks down DMT does not. This requires a diet prior to a ceremony, because you temporarily stop a natural physical process.

So the tea consists of two different drinks, for me they are:

  1. The MAO Inhibitor: The Peganum Harmala or Syrian Rue. This MAO inhibitor ensures that the entheogenic substances from the entheogenic plant cannot be broken down by the body temporarily.

  2. The entheogenic plant: The Mimosa Hostilis or Jurema. The Jurema contains entheogenic substances that give the consciousness-expanding effect.

*Because I don't work with the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, but with Peganum Harmala my drink comes under the name Anahuasca.



After drinking this tea combination you can more easily get in touch with your inner wisdom and higher self. You can gain life-changing insights, it can help you process traumatic experiences, let go of what no longer serves you or you can see the core of a problem from a different perspective. Many different experiences are possible. These experiences can be very healing or helpful with a lot of suffering we experience, such as physical complaints, addiction problems, depression, fears, bereavement and post-traumatic stress.

This link to a movie that deals with the scientific part, Explains what is actually happening in the brains.

Before, during and after the session I am there for you to support you where necessary. I'll let you go through your process yourself as much as possible, but I'm there for you when needed. Mutual trust and good preparation are very important. I take plenty of time for an extensive introduction and intake interview. A clear intention gives you focus during the trip and we pay a lot of attention to that. An Aya journey can be quite intense at times, but... Mother Aya gives you exactly what you need and no more than you can handle. The next day we will discuss all your experiences and insights and see how you can integrate them into your daily life. Even after that, I am there for you to support (where necessary).

Alone or rather together?
The choice is yours. Follow your feelings. Both forms have their own advantages. The advantage of working together is that you can learn a lot from each other during the process. The conversations and interactions with each other are very valuable. The advantage of a private session is that all attention is very personally focused on you.

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Physical preparation starts with cleaning your body by following a diet.


A week before the ceremony

  • Eat plant-based, preferably vegan

  • Take few herbs

  • Do not consume alcohol

  • Little to no coffee

  • As little added and refined sugars as possible

  • Sexual fasting, at least 4 days


Two days before the ceremony

Part of the tea we drink consists of an MAO-inhibiting liquid, which prevents your body from properly breaking down Tyramine from food. This can cause a rise in blood pressure, headaches, a feeling of general malaise and nausea, therefore do not eat, drink or use products containing Tyramine, such as:

  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, (sour) cream)

  • All aged cheeses (with the exception of: cottage cheese, cream cheese)

  • Dry and fermented sausage (bologna, salami, pepperoni, corned beef, and liver)

  • Non-fresh meat, fish and eggs

  • Pickled herring and dried salt fish

  • Meat extracts

  • Yeast extracts / brewed yeast (Marmite)

  • Kefir

  • sauerkraut

  • Fruits (bananas, avocados, figs, raisins, red plums, pineapple, raspberries)

  • Nuts (peanuts)

  • Broad beans and pods (lima, fava beans, lentils, snow peas, and soybeans)

  • Soy sauce

  • LSA (morning glory and baby hawaiian woodrose seeds)

  • MDA related herbs (nutmeg, calamus)

  • Chocolate

  • Caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, guarana, energy drinks)

  • Ginseng

  • St John's wort

  • Nasal Sprays (Vicks Sinex, Prevalin or Otrivin)

  • Other MAOIs

Do you need more information?


The day of the ceremony

A light breakfast in the morning and a light lunch in the afternoon. Make sure you stay completely sober at least 6 hours before the start of the ceremony. You can still drink herbal tea or water.


Mental preparation

Live healthy, get enough exercise, make sure you take enough moments to rest or go inside for a while, for example through meditation. It's good to think about your intention. Why do you want to take this medicine, what do you expect from it, what do you hope it will bring you? If you want, we can also look at this together during the intake beforehand. I have several great tools for that.



Drug use can be dangerous!
Part of the tea contains an MAO inhibitor and can therefore not be combined with various medicines. For example, certain drugs such as antidepressants, beta-blockers and blood pressure lowering agents have a dangerous contraindication. Read more...

In certain serious unstable mental disorders such as schizophrenia, psychosis and borderline symptoms, the use of hallucinogens is also not recommended.​

Pregnancy and breast-feeding are also a contraindication.​​​​